April 19, 2014

What is the Purpose of Life?

Why did God create human life in the first place? Are we created as
playthings for God, or as His toys? I seriously doubt that. Why
would God create religion? Why would God attempt to control you?
What is the purpose of human minds and independent thinking, if all God wants is to
control humans through religious rituals and legalistic forms? Why
would God want humans to go to church, pay tithes and engage in religious
forms of so called worship? [Read more...]

God’s creation – Man’s manipulation

It’s quite a world we live in today; at times you look around and wonder where God is in the midst of it all. Life that can be so pure and pristine can be so volatile and downright ugly at times. Why God? This is a question some if not all people may ask and ponder. So many questions yet so few answers, but we have to keep pressing on. Probably in the next life the truth will all be revealed to us.

We are all God’s creation and we all have the Spirit of God in us. We are all his beloved, with each individual having a predestined purpose according to God’s will for our lives.  Is this truly the case? So many questions indeed as life seem like one big mystery. I reckon this is how God set it up, but the only thing he doesn’t do is make our choices for us.

So now the reality is that God created life but man has manipulated it with choices that have made the world what it is today. From Governments to all the different religions possible, man has spun their own web of influence dictated by their own personal interests for greed, power and money. There is no difference with people (religious, non-religious, believers, non-believers), just the different truths people align themselves too that govern their life choices. Thank God he is not a belief system as his grace is sufficient for all, and his love is unconditional without reproach for everyone. [Read more...]

Organized religion is based on fear

Whoever first said “thus saith the Lord”, well understood that human
beings are easily duped into fearing God. Obey or be punished. Obey
or you will not be financially blessed. Obey or be cursed. Obey or
lose your salvation. Obey and you will be blessed. Submit to religious
authority and God will bless you. Sow your seed money into a ministry
and you will be financially multiplied. Tithe and be blessed, don’t
tithe and be cursed.

The reality is that the bible itself is a collection of the writings of
many authors and they all thrived on causing fear to those who believe
their words. Strange indeed is that the bible itself says that “there
is NO FEAR in perfect love.” Since God is perfect love, why then would God thrive on
causing humans to live in fear of Him? It makes no sense. What parent
would want their children to live in fear? Why would God as the parent
of all humans, want humans to live in fear of the fictional “hell” fire,
or eternal punishment?

Religious clowns who stand in pulpits, thrive on fear-mongering. They
love to make church goers believe that “going to church” and tithing are
requirements to salvation and favor with God. Never mind that pastors
of churches actually make a dishonest living from false tithes and that tithing is
nothing short of mind-manipulation. Pastors love to make the claim
that tithing is the means by which the Gospel is preached to the
world. Why oh why then did Jesus Christ say to His disciples “freely you have received, freely
give” and which is an obvious teaching to not merchandise the name of
God/Jesus Christ through $money?

Indeed the bible is founded upon FEAR from Genesis to Revelation and
mankind has been held captive to religious mind-programming for
thousands of years. There is no preacher or fake “prophet” on earth
who understands the book of “Revelation” and they cannot understand it, because it is
pure fiction. Whoever the real author of the book of “Revelation” was,
had obvious ulterior motives in many ways and by saying that anyone who
adds to the words written in the book of “Revelation” will receive the plagues
of the book of “Revelation”, the mysterious author tried in vain, to
prevent “Revelation” from being questioned. That is censorship pure and

In fact the bible promotes adherence without questioning, which is proof
of a cult mentality. By making the claim that “all scripture is given
by inspiration of God”, is proof that the fearmongers and religious
control freaks who penned the bible, wanted total allegiance without examination and total
submission. There are many reasons to question the bible from Genesis
to Revelation and anyone with a mind of their own, does just that.
Church goers in general are NOT intelligent human beings, who question, who dig
deep, who want proof of everything, who want evidence, they are just
simple minded followers and it is these people who are duped so easily.

The entire organized church world is founded upon allegiance, not to
God/Jesus Christ, but to religious masters, who may be pastors, senior
pastors, bishops or whatever. This makes zero sense, since no man is a
mediator between God and man. How on earth can a human being who will revert to
dirt in due time, be a mediator between men and God? Humans tend to
make gods of other human beings, whether those human gods are religious,
political or otherwise, when in fact none of them are God.

FEAR is the primary basis of all religion and all religions are
man-made. The idea of human “masters” is really quite preposterous.
There are really NO human kings, queens, monarchs, senior pastors, popes
or rulers, there are only IMPOSTORS. Only weak-minded humans are deceived by human rulers,
no matter what vain title they may live under.

Van Robison

God is not a belief-system

God is not a belief-system.
Jesus is not a religion.
Christianity is not a check-list.
Church is not an address.
The Bible is not a book of doctrines.
Community is not a meeting.
Grace has no exceptions.
Ministry is not a program.
Art is not carnal.
Women are not inferior.
Our humanity is not the enemy.
Sinner is not our identity.
Love is not a theory.
Peace is not a circumstance.
Science is not secular.
Sex is not filthy.
Life is not a warm-up for Heaven
The world is not without hope.
There is no “us” and “them.”
Tattoos are not evil.
Loving the earth is not satanic.
Seeing the divine in all things is not heretical.
Self-actualization is not self-worship.
Feelings are not dangerous and unreliable.
The mind is not infallible.



This excellent post by Jim Palmer debunks the myths and fear-based lies and clears the cobwebs of superstitions that have been perpetuated by much of mainstream Christianity over the years that have been used to control and manipulate the masses. Yes, seeing the divine in all things and recognizing our oneness and connectedness are among the revelations that liberate us from the tribal mindset of religious institutions. Accepting our emotions and recognizing our equality regardless of gender or belief system demolishes the illusory walls of separation of humanity, and causes us to live in peace and harmony as brothers and sisters. Indeed, heaven is right here and right now in our midst and love is a living reality, for in Love we live and move and have our being, and we can embrace ourselves in the totality of who we are.

No Matter What You Believe, Others Believe Otherwise

Over the years I have found that every human being thinks they know what
“truth” is. So then, no matter what you think or say, others will most
often differ. It is indeed frustrating to live in a world, where
almost no one sees or understands your point of view. If I say that the
“apostle” Paul is worshiped by the church world and regarded as
superseding Jesus Christ, almost everyone will deny that they worship
Paul, even though most church goers are breathless about Paul and his teachings, as if
everything he ever spoke is infallible and inerrant.

Somehow I seriously doubt that Jesus Christ ever intended that some
character named Saul (Paul), would replace Jesus and become the most
important human being on planet earth to Christians, and yet that is the
reality of the church world. I once attended a wedding in which the
minister said “Paul said” so many times, I had to wonder if he thought
Paul was Jesus Christ??? So often preachers will quote the supposed
writings of Paul, far more than they ever do the teachings of Jesus. Something
about that just makes no sense.

I have encountered many Bible apologists over the years, and they all
without exception will demand that the bible is the inspired word of
God, from cover to cover, even though the bible is overrun with
contradictions and obvious serious problems to anyone with even half a brain. Just
because some persons have Phd. (doctor of religious indoctrination)
degrees in theology, does not make them knowledgeable in regards to God,
Jesus Christ or the truth about God.

Generally speaking the more “educated” in the bible colleges and
universities, the more programmed and indoctrinated they are, and
incapable of being rational human beings. Is it any wonder that Jesus
Christ selected ”uneducated” fishermen as disciples? The more “educated” in terms of
religion, the more stupid people become.

Oh well, such is life.

Van Robison

Religion is mind control – Van Robison’s response

This blog message is a response from Mr. Van Robison to one of my blogs “Religion is mind control”. I asked him if I could share  his response on the blog and he agreed. I was blown away by what he wrote and I am  in total agreement with all that was written.

For me I am so thankful for God’s love for all mankind and I stand wholeheartedly for the finished work of Jesus Christ. Saying this with my understanding of God’s grace which to me is the purest form of God’s love for all, I no longer align with the religion of Christianity or call myself a Christian. To me we are all beloved Children of God without passing judgment on any man, for God has unconditional love for all.

For me to call myself a Christian is to say that those who don’t share the same Christian beliefs or accept Christ into their life will suffer eternal damnation or go to hell. I totally disagree with this religious concept as it leads to the control of man through fear. This is totally against the love of God through Christ dying on the cross for all and I mean all man regardless  of one’s beliefs or actions. [Read more...]

Empowered to be

Christianity or religion focuses on doing works to get in God’s grace, but life is about freely accepting the  grace which God has already given you. This will enable you to be all that you already are in Christ.

You see, it’s not about trying to fit into a certain mold or label. When you know who you are, you can rest assured that God’s grace is your sufficiency and it will empower you to be.


What gives us the most hope every day is God’s grace; knowing that his grace is going to give us the strength for whatever we face, knowing that nothing is a surprise to God.

God is forever on your side

God is love, he never remembers your wrongs, man does.

He does not expect you to be perfect so he gave you his grace, which man needs more of.

There is a lot of danger in life, but fear is your choice.

So when life gets challenging, remember God’s love through Jesus and smile. God is forever on your side.

Everyday is a new day, wake up each and every day with a smile. Jesus defined you when he won on the cross. The joy of the Lord is your strength.

You win, You win, You win

Religion is mind control

Throughout time the people with the power and means have always had an upper hand in dictating what others ought to believe and how they ought to operate. Most people then accept everything as status quo which then becomes the new reality. If you ever question mainstream away from the norm, you appear to be left wing, rebellious, or flat-out wrong in your thinking or reasoning.

Is this how society is? People settling for everything that is thrown at them, especially what have been branded and passed down from generation to generation pertaining to the welfare of man, even if it is the subjective view of man’s ideologies and interpretations.

Pertaining to spirituality and religion, why is it that God has poured out his love for all man and blessed everyone with his grace yet man in all his splendor have instituted religion as a form of societal control on man? Open your eyes if you are not aware of it already, does the church system or your religious doctrine have predominance to your disposition, or does God have free reign of your heart through a pure relationship with him empowered by his grace? [Read more...]